Women in Business

What is it?

“Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met”  Barbara Walters, Broadcast, Journalist and Author

Women business leaders as homemakers and business owners live extremely complex and diverse lives that present different challenges in terms of leadership, time management, focus and communication. This complexity can prevent them from achieving their full potential and it also prevents organisations from optimising the full set talent within their organisation.

Seventy-five percent of women reported in a recent survey that “Time” is the number one factor holding women back.  Only half of survey participants work at organisations that have formal mentoring programs. Of those that do, training is often ineffective. Twenty percent of women in the study rated the quality of the formal training they received as high or very high and another 22 percent didn’t receive any formal training at all.

Sampson Hall enable women to play key roles in business. We have courses and interventions which are open to both males and females and we have also designed female specific interventions to improve confidence, assertiveness, time management and communication. We also mentor women to ensure that they make the most of themselves in their particular roles both professionally and as role models in an organisation.

Why you need it?

Since women often have difficulty building social capital at work, mentoring and training are even more critical to their success. Training delivers the necessary skill sets and tool kit to cope with the pressures women face in business and mentoring is essential to practical experience sharing, to passing the wisdom-gained and to closing the information gaps between. The one consistent theme that women in global executive offices share is the role mentoring played in helping them along the way.

How it Helps

Sampson Hall recognise the challenges that women undergo to become successful business leaders and have designed systems and interventions to enable women to become more successful within business. From the boardroom to the shop floor our processes develop confidence, communication skills, time management, focus and prioritisation. They basically give you all the tools to become a more successful and fulfilled mother and businesswoman and stand equally within the upper echelons of any business.  We also have a bespoke coaching and mentoring service which has allowed women in business to prosper and develop as we agree entirely with the following  statement I look forward to the day when it will be unnecessary to discuss the role of women in business”  Karren Brady June 2013.

How it works

Here at Sampson Hall we understand the issues of female executives and can develop bespoke training and development packages to assist women in business with the challenges of leadership, time management, focus and communication. We have a track record second to none and the expertise within to deliver this development in the most effective way.

We offer dynamic and interactive workshops which deliver sustainable actionable results. Business women can choose from areas of maximum achievement to high performance leadership where women can gain better understanding about themselves whilst learning about the qualities, virtues and abilities that make a successful female leader and gain some real insights into your own ability to become a better leader

To make mentoring happen, organisations need to set up a culture that makes mentoring a common practice. Sampson Hall can do this and provide mentoring directly. We can also, ensure that mentors within an organisation understand their role and provide assistance in selecting mentors for particular individuals.  We can provide communication around mentoring and train and support potential mentors and mentees.

What do you do next?

If you are a female business leader and you are feeling unable to cope, overstretched or frustrated at the effect you feel you are having within your business why not call us to arrange a chat on how we may be able to empower you to become more effective.

We also run fantastic Women in Business away days, these are designed to empower women and give them greater confidence to assist with their personal development. The day looks at effective communication, leadership, time management and delegation of tasks.

If you would like help then contact us or phone for a chat on 0844 848 9594

"I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and the team at Sampson Hall for anyone wanting to grow as an extremely successful business” Theresa Benson, Managing Director Adopstar

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