What is it?

“An organisation without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder, allowed to flounder at the mercy of its particular environment”   Phil Sampson

Strategy is a process that gets a business to achieve its defined long term ambition, it is a system that provides coherency and direction within an organisation in its pursuit of a desired future.

Organic and flexible, strategy affords control, speed and agility in the achievement of the businesses’ long term goals and objectives.

It is the skeleton or structure that allows leaders and people within an organisation the freedom to plan and implement their long term aspirations and ideas in an informed and integrated way.

Why do you need it?

Strategy affords a long term plan, it sets the direction of the organisation to deliver what the key stakeholders want. Without it an organisation may succeed by luck but with it an organisation is able to design how it will succeed. Strategy delivered correctly meets the needs of the organisation and gives everyone within an organisation a tangible image of the destination and a plan to get there. It is the framework upon which success is built as it steers organisations on an organic and pre-destined  journey towards inevitable success.

Do you have a strategy? Does everyone understand the organisation’s vision and shorter term plan, has this been communicated throughout the business?

Is strategy something you do as a business every twelve months and then the document is put away in the drawer until the next time?

How we do it

We have our own unique seven step process that allows businesses of any size to develop, plan and execute their own long term plans and goals. This process flexes around and adapts to any organisation’s size or circumstances.

It is a proven process that has helped may organisations achieve substantial business growth, improved performance and greater profitability.

It takes into consideration the environment, culture, leadership and planning process and fills the difficult implementation gap between “thinking and doing”. Put simply we take the clutter and complexity out of a leader or boards’ heads and reorganise and structure it into a long term plan that quickly becomes simple to carry out.

We achieve this through the use of our unique Strategy Model, which is delivered directly into organisations through bespoke board level or one to one sessions or as part of our structured learning programme. Whatever the size of your business we can design a solution to meet your needs.

How it helps

 On completion of the process a business will have its own bespoke plan:

This seven step process is rarely viewed in such a cohesive way with clear mapping and metrics. Our expertise brings all these steps into alignment, this is the mechanism that then allows an organisation the freedom to perform and succeed. It has driven organisations through 200% growth in profit in twelve months.

What do you do next?

You may feel you already have a strategy but our questions to you are:

  1. Does it deliver clarity to your long term objective?
  2. Does it live within your organisation and inform and influence everything you do?
  3. Does everyone in your organisation know and understand your strategy?
  4. Does it flex as your environment and situation changes?
  5. Is it truly aligned with your leadership, your culture and your environment?

If you would like to hear more then get in touch with one of our experts or you may like to look at our online Strategy Model.

We advise speaking to one of our consultants in the first instance who will be able to help you work out the most appropriate solution for you.

Please phone us on 0844 848 9594 or contact us by email.


"I would have no hesitation in recommending Sampson Hall to other organisations that are looking for action focused input to help them to better define key strategic goals and creating an action plan to ensure that they are met" Andy Greener Komodo