Security – Personal and Cyber

Personal Security

Sampson Hall have a deep understanding and knowledge of personal security derived from our consultant’s experience in the security, military and prison services.

In today’s modern world terrorist attacks and incidents are becoming more commonplace which requires an individual to be consciously aware of their surroundings and the potential risks they face.

Statistically you are very unlikely to be involved in any such incident but by being more alert and aware and having previously thought through some simple scenarios you are more likely to react correctly if caught up in such an incident and afford you a better chance of staying safe.

Sampson Hall have devised an online Personal Security Awareness Course, it has knowledge checks throughout and finishes with a short assessment to test your learning.

The course is designed to change the participant’s mindset to ensure they are prepared for and can deal with the worst case scenarios, if they were caught up in an incident.

To find out how we can help you or your employees simply contact us or to book onto the course click here. 

Cyber Security

The very connectivity we rely on makes us vulnerable to Cyber attack, Sampson Hall are proven experts at delivering cultural change through strategy and leadership and we successfully work with National Corporations to help them protect themselves from cyber incidents through human and technical solutions.

Sampson Hall have several consultants who have worked within extremely secure organisations. They can help reduce the internal and external threat to an organisation and assist in identifying and protecting an organisations key assets from data to intellectual property and financial information.

Their expertise ranges from top secret government organisations, security of the UK’s nuclear capability, experience from within the US security agencies and the UK’s prison service. They also have a partner organisation that is able to provide a technical solution that complements their own.

Sampson Hall have a variety of measures to ensure that your organisation is prepared, educated and best able to defend itself. They have developed metrics to measure and diagnose current weaknesses, attitudes and behaviours to your cyber threat, plus the ability to train your workforce from board to shop floor.

The metrics developed include The Gordian Model. This is a gap analysis tool, and the cyber audit is conducted online using designed and targeted cyber statements.  It can be easily tailored to suit any organisation. The assessment is conducted throughout an organisation to measure it’s attitudes and behaviours to cyber security. Using gap analysis it forms the baseline to determine training needs and the requirements to deliver the required security culture, whilst also being able to measure the transformation.

Cyber crime is a rapidly growing concern for business leaders and it requires specialist training and interventions to train and inform the staff within organisations, and to protect inbound and outbound data.

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