What is it?

Leadership is the art of achieving more than the science of management says is possible”    Field Marshall Lord Slim

Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate others in order to get them to perform and succeed.

It is the art of decision making and setting direction.

It is an individual capability which can be learned and developed. We help leaders at all levels become more successful as leaders from multinational corporations to self-leadership we have experienced experts to help you or your organisation.

Why do you need it?

Leadership is key to organisational performance. It is the catalyst that makes things happen in an organisation. It must be exercised at all levels of an organisation and will be incredibly effective and empowering if there is coherence in an organisation’s leadership philosophy. From strategic direction to technical delivery leaders set the course, drive the success, and inspire the  organisation towards greatness – after all you can’t manage exceptional performance!

How we do it

Sampson Hall make good leaders great decision makers through teaching, coaching and mentoring. All our people are expert in developing organisational success. Not just consultants, not just trainers and not just coaches and mentors we do it all! We design leadership packages and development programmes for all levels within an organisation and can make the development coherent throughout an organisation through appropriate training and development. Whether it be understanding situational leadership, leadership styles, motivational leadership, leadership communication and succession we can deliver a solution to match the client’s needs.

How it helps

Our leadership development programmes have helped organisations through transformational change. They have also helped new leaders grow into their roles through understanding what is required of them and how they can establish their own leadership brand. We also mentor leaders at the very highest level within organisations and corporations to help them make great decisions through reflection, contemplation and mentoring. We provide leaders at all levels with a leadership “tool box” that enables them to be much more effective in leadership positions.

What do you do next?

Contact us to find out how we can help you as an individual or your business.

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Remember, most organisations don’t spend enough time on developing their future leaders and this can and will affect the destiny of an organisation. 

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Anthony Robbins  

This does not stand up to the scrutiny of today’s environment. Look around and identify whether you or your organisation could improve its leadership.

Recognise the areas that need development then give us a call  on 0844 848 9594 or send us an email and we can arrange to either come to see you or have a chat, to see where we may be able to help.

We enable good leaders to take great decisions!

"Some very interesting leadership models to understand and apply and new approaches to the challenges of leadership which even the more experienced and well-trained may not have come across before"
Neil Morrison, Head Teacher Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham


Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle

Standing proud for more than 600 years, the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle dominates the County Durham landscape. Surrounded by beautiful parklands overlooking the River Wear and Durham County Cricket Ground, Lumley Castle is a magnificent monument to a bygone age of chivalry and honour. Located between the historic city of Durham and the vibrant beats of Newcastle, perfectly situated to explore the North East of England. Lumley Castle is undoubtedly one of the finest Durham hotels and UK business and leisure destinations, effortlessly combining old and new to create a truly unique and memorable travel experience.

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