Gordian Model

“The knot which you thought was a Gordian one, will untie itself before you”       Thomas Jefferson

What is it?

The Gordian Model is a holistic process which identifies opportunities for improvement.  It starts with the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information drawn from across the whole organisation, allowing companies to rapidly expose opportunities, measure progress and assess culture and mood. It drives the process of continuous improvement, enabling businesses to measure and analyse any development interventions, benchmark departments, talent manage, plan a succession strategy and inform mergers and acquisitions.

Why you need it?

The Gordian Model helps companies grow and succeed using inherent opportunities that already exist. The growth is measured whilst driving continuous improvement to optimise the company’s performance and maximise competitive advantage. The Gordian model allows an organisation to identify hidden opportunities that exist within it as every individual within the organisation contributes to the overall picture. The model will also allow the effect of any interventions to be measured hence return on investment can be measured. It will also enable departmental bench marking to assess the performance of teams, leaders and groups.

How it works

How it helps

The Gordian Model enables business leaders to regularly take a comprehensive look at their organisation and identify the root cause of issues. It is based on facts, opinions and views from personnel throughout the organisation so bringing focus to potential that may not previously have been recognised

What do you do next?

Look around your organisation and see what opportunities you are missing. Do you have visibility of what is happening throughout your business or do you need a little help. How good do your people feel about your organisation and what it delivers? If these questions have made you sit up and think then why not contact us or give us a call on 0844 848 9594.

The Gordian Model may be the answer to all your prayers.


I came to Sampson Hall having been disappointed with the result from our annual staff survey. They sold the Gordian Model to me as a complete solution. I have never had such a valuable insight into the full range of the business. The model has allowed me to drive the business forward using innate opportunities.

The process was straight forward and, interestingly, highlighted some issues that we were totally unaware of, but were easily rectified. I will be using this model regularly to inform our strategic planning.”       CEO, Multi National Corporation 

If you would like to discuss the Gordian Model with us then please phone 0844 848 9594 or email us.


"I have never had such a valuable insight into the full range of the business. The model has allowed me to drive the business forward using innate opportunities" DH CEO Multi National Corporation

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