Veterinary Team

The Challenge

A well-established practice with a group of vets and support staff who were all working hard as individuals but not as a productive, cohesive team. There was a lack of vision, short and long term planning and a lack of ideas to address the changing trends in the veterinary world. The team had a diverse range of expectations and business understanding. There were also some interpersonal frictions and misunderstandings. These lead to poor communication and the development of barriers that meant effective change could not happen.

What We Did

Sampson Hall initially used a profiling tool to enable all members of the team to better understand each other’s behaviours and learn how best to communicate with each other. Having dealt with the individuals it was now a matter of gaining a common understanding of where the business stood.

Having established exactly where the practice was it was now time to work out where it was going. For this Sampson Hall worked with the practice Senior Management Team, using their own Strategy Model, to identify the vision, the plan, the risks, the talent required and the resources needed to reach the set objective. The initial vision design was then undertaken as a group session to establish buy in from each team member.

The Outcome 

The practice now has a crafted strategy with a well understood vision. Roles are clearly defined and resources have increased in terms of manpower. The practice is now proactive in its changing environment and they have achieved increased productivity and profitability with a clear plan for the next five years. Progress is maintained with monthly check ups and regular team meetings.

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