Fair Energy

Sampson Hall have worked with several organisations in training leaders, managers and  Human Resource staff in how to get the most out of their people. In 2012 Sampson Hall was approached by Fair Energy to deliver a bespoke leadership and management package under the Growth Accelerator scheme. Fair Energy have since worked with the owner and the board down through the middle management teams to the first line leaders to deliver training to improve the overall performance of the organisation.

The Challenge

Fair Energy were a rapidly growing Renewable Energy Company with a rapidly growing turnover and increasing influence as one of the only licensed suppliers of  a particular boiler maker. The organisations workload meant that the  employed staff had grown tenfold extremely quickly with all the necessary and associated issues.  Leaders and managers needed to develop their skills and processes to ensure the organisation ran smoothly.

What we did

Sampson Hall worked with the Directors and the owner in designing and delivering an appropriate and cohesive package to achieve the desired effect. Initially it was leadership and management later is was ensuring the right processes were in place to aid customer satisfaction, reduce the workload and improve sales and logistics. Sampson Hall improved the individual performances of the senior management team and built a more effective, better performing team aligned with the emerging strategic direction of the business

The Outcome

As a result of the training the organisation gained clarity of its strategic direction and was able to improve its target and goal setting. Staff were better informed and  aligned in terms of their own skills and performance  with the organisation’s strategic direction. Performances improved across the board as staff felt more engaged and empowered. Teams worked far more cohesively after understanding where they fitted into the overall business. The organisation grew further and split into two organisations one of which had a national rather than a regional remit.

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