Strategy for Growth

Essential PA

The Challenge

Essential PA founded by Phillippa Goodwin in 2008 had succeeded as a sole trader for over 6 years.  Phillippa grew her business though working with associates – other virtual PA’s who shared her business model.  However, managing the business and working as a PA herself meant Phillippa was very consumed by carrying out intricate personal assistant tasks which left little time for a strategic growth approach.  Spending time thinking about the business rather than doing the business was critical for Phillippa to enable to plan for the future.  By looking at how she wanted to grow Essential PA with the view of one day selling an attractive and profitable business were the crucial next steps.

What we did

Sampson Hall took Essential PA though their ‘7 Steps Strategy Process’.  This process afforded Phillippa the time to work ‘On her business’ instead of ‘In her business’.  By taking a bird’s eye view she could look at what she wanted from her business and how she was going to get it.

Working through the 7 Steps Strategy Process, Sampson Hall gave Phillippa the space to look at where she was going, how she was going to get there, why she was doing it, who she was going with, what would she do when she got there and how to cope when inevitably her business encountered challenges.

Working closely with Phillippa, Phil Sampson assisted her to focus on Essential PA and its environment, its vision, its mission, the planning, a risk analysis, its talent management and resource allocation and priorities.  This then enabled a 5-10 year coherent plan to form through the implementation of a bespoke strategic development programme taking into account critical factors of business needs, timescales and budget.

The Outcome

Essential PA is now confident at clarifying themselves as ‘The perfect business management partner for busy executives and owners’ – providing business management services ranging from Fundamental, Essential, Indispensable and Occasional support.  These important and effective solutions are critical to stay ahead of the game with the rapid growth of the Virtual Assistant Industry.  Essential PA is able to not only work globally and immediately but can sustain this growth for the foreseeable future. They have doubled in size and are now moving into offices and Phillippa has found a business partner to help her to continue the business growth.

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