Leadership – EOS

The Challenge

EOS is a construction and manufacturing firm based in Durham with a multimillion pound turnover. After a period of expansion for the company, resulting in winning the NCSG Company of the Year Award, the MD of EOS approached Sampson Hall to provide his management team with the communications, assertiveness, change management and motivational leadership skills to ensure the continued growth and improvement of EOS.

 What We Did

Sampson Hall provided the EOS management team with a skills-based programme that focussed on improving the assertiveness, communications, change management and motivational leadership at all levels of the EOS management team. The programme consisted of five half day sessions with work-based assignments and individual coaching undertaken between sessions.

 This bespoke programme was designed in consultation with the Managing Director to meet the needs of the organisation. The management team were trained in the fundamentals of assertiveness and effective communications.  Cognitive Behavioural Model (CBT), 360 degree Feedback and Emotional Intelligence (EI) models were used to underpin practical training leading to superior communications performance, enhanced assertiveness and an improved willingness and ability to hold courageous conversations. 

This Leadership training consisted of five discrete packages with work-related development tasks and individual coaching.  

Package 1: Motivational and Personal Leadership

Package 2: Goal Setting and Action Planning

Package 3: Effective Communication, Assertiveness and Feedback

Package 4: Delegation and Empowerment

Package 5: Effective Communications for Employees.  This package cascaded effective communications techniques through all levels of the organisation

 The Outcome

 Each learner worked on their own departmental issues for their work-related assignments, so ensuring the training delivered achieved an instant and powerful effect within the organisation. The programme ran over six weeks and was extremely well received, resulting in the organisation introducing a new HR Management system, creating a structured design process, reviewing customer service and the procurement processes, as well as implementing leadership training to all supervisors within the organisation.

The individuals attending the programme developed and honed their assertiveness and communications skills whilst the team dynamics improved and the overall cohesion and efficiency of the organisation developed.  This improved ability to manage their work environment improved motivation, enhanced team innovation and contributed to successful work outcomes.

The work assignments produced an instant dividend as the managers instigated what they had learned into their departments. This reinforced the cascade of communications training, improving staff acceptance of positive feedback rather than perpetuating the old pattern of hostility, resistance and demotivation; this improved working atmosphere contributed significantly to EOS success.

 Staff within EOS were better led and self -motivated and as a result job performance was improved and there was a noticeable decrease in absenteeism and sickness.

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