Coach and Mentor

Coombe Farm and Woodland Trust

Sampson Hall has a wealth of experience working one to one with business owners in order to help them develop their businesses strategically and look at their own personal development.  Angela Malyon, the owner of Coombe Farm and Woodland Trust registered on one of our two-day strategy courses as she realised she needed expert advice in taking her business to the next level. Once the strategy was complete Sampson Hall coached and mentored Angela and Tim Malyon in the development of their business by setting them achievable business development goals in a challenging and unique environment.

The Challenge

Coombe Farm and Woodland Trust is a unique, grade II listed* beautiful 16th century cob and thatch farmhouse with renovated cider barn and cottage nestled in its own sheltered valley with extensive ancient outbuildings. Coombe Farm is surrounded by 200 acres of organic farmland and 200 acres of mixed woodland with wild red deer. The house available for rent throughout the year is full of atmosphere and character, much loved and with fine furniture and oak. The location used for weddings and other ceremonial occasions needed to diversify to become more commercially viable particularly during the winter months.

What we did

Sampson Hall initially took Angela through the ‘Sampson Hall Seven Step Strategy Process’ with other businesses on their two day course at Exeter University. Angela then realised that her key was the implementation of her newly designed strategy as she was already struggling with working ‘in her’ business and not ‘on’ the business.   She realised she needed a business coach to mentor her through the implementation of her strategy. Phil Sampson visited her and Tim regularly to  coach them and develop a strategy implementation plan.  Initially they worked on making Angela more strategic in her role.  By enabling her initially to  resolve the communication and staffing issues  in the business Angela was empowered to lead the business properly.  The team were given clearly defined roles in order for them to contribute more effectively to the business development.  Additional staff were recruited to assist with events, pricing and payment terms were reviewed and updated and redundant equipment was sold. The premises was further  developed in order to make it less seasonal and a marketing revamp undertaken. These coaching and mentoring sessions allowed Angela to develop her website and broaden the packages available to those staying at Coombe Farm.  Gradually momentum was built and continuous improvement became the natural way within the organisation. Angela was now working strategically on her business.

The Outcome

Coombe Farm and Woodland Trust have continued to develop their premises and the packages afforded to their guests. They have developed Winter Packages which facilitate  other events such as fishing, apple pressing and cider making, camera stalking, cycling, walking and health clinics all of which can take place from this unique historical location. Angela is far more involved in the business strategically as well as being able to dedicate more time to her young family. The people within the organisation now fully understand and buy into the shared vision and see where they fit into it.  Communication lines are clearer, as are areas of responsibility, enabling employees to take ownership of their piece of the organisation. The organisation continues to grow in popularity as a unique holiday and special event destination in a beautiful part of Devon.

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