BSW Engineers

Sampson Hall have worked with several organisations in ensuring there is a smooth transition between senior directors on the management board. BSW Exeter an engineering consultancy specialising in the structural and building sectors was one such company. The three board members were retiring and three associates had been selected to take over and form the new board.

The Challenge

BSW had tried this once before internally but the whole process broke down when a key member of staff decided to leave. The three associates needed to learn the leadership required at the top end of the organisation. The transition needed to be strategized and planned and a full implementation process implemented that would give everyone involved the confidence to move forward as the reigns of power and governance were passed over.

What we did

Sampson Hall designed a package which involved some development work of those who were destined to succeed those who had chosen to retire. The training in leadership consisted of 4 half day packages of learning reinforced by some practical tasks to be completed within the workplace.  It also included the use of i3 profiling  to help those involved understand themselves and each other better in order to improve their teamwork.  The package took place over 8 weeks. This was followed by a single day strategy event which was facilitated by Sampson Hall. The day delivered a broad understanding of the environment the organisation operated in. A SWOT was then undertaken to identify the issues and opportunities that existed within the organisation. Once these two exercises had firmly established a common perspective of the organisation’s current position    avison for the future was drawn up with a risk matrix and clear priorities. This allowed the organisation to effectively plan the way forward.

The Outcome

BSW were able to design and implement a clear plan to move the organisation forward which takes into account all the options. This afforded cohesion of understanding and intent at the most senior level and allowed BSW to plan the succession strategically in order to afford a smooth transition. Sampson Hall continue to work with BSW in ensuring  the process is a positive experience that reinforces the success of the organisation.

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