Growth Strategy

Why Adopstar needed Sampson Hall

Adopstar were a small advertising operations organisation based in Devon with obvious potential. They needed to build and diversify their client base so as not to become over dependent on one big client. They were also very technically expert, struggling with being stuck in the here and now, working “in” not “on” the business. They needed a progressive cohesive strategy to deliver the required growth that the hard working and ambitious owners desired.

What Sampson Hall did

Sampson Hall sat down with the owners and devised a strategy for the business using their seven step strategic process. The strategy was designed to focus on building the client base, it gave them a road map for growth and then helped them implement that growth with the initial results being 150% growth in size and a 200% increase in turnover within a year!

Sampson Hall assist Adopstar on a regular basis with their strategic development and implementation as they grow and expand as an organisation. The initial strategy process is continually reinforced through regular organisational review which has enabled the company to flex to its circumstances so exploiting opportunities whilst maintaining its original vision.

The Outcome

The business is flourishing, within twelve months it has tripled the number of employees, moved into new offices, tripled turnover and doubled profit. Adopstar feel they now have the courage and the confidence to make business decisions that were previously scary. They recognise their strengths and they are able to take business risks in a far more informed and coherent way to deliver competitive advantage. The business has widened its client base both in terms of scale and internationally and the office Christmas parties are now held in Lanzarote!

The founders wife has now taken a lead role in Adopstar as Managing Director.

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