GDPR Audits

Strategic Audits:

Sampson Hall will carry out a strategic examination of an organisation’s GDPR compliance, which will include a questionnaire and face to face meetings with the key departmental heads that have responsibility for GDPR. The findings will be submitted, to the Board or Business Owners to give them the current GDPR compliance position and recommendations for improvement and further work required.

This will enable the Board to have an impartial and unambiguous view of the organisation’s position regarding GDPR.

Organisational and DPO Audits:

This one day audit that will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of the GDPR and the current processes, procedures and policies that have been adopted and utilised within the organisation. This will ensure that compliance is being applied, unforeseen risks are being identified and managed accordingly. The DPO audit team will examine documentation, review organisational processes and conduct key staff meetings where applicable.

For more information contact: 

Email: Tom Ziemski –

Phone 0844 848 9594 

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