Digital and E-Learning

Sampson Hall have a unique digital capability that enhances our one to one bespoke interventions. Digital enables better engagement and training within a workforce from top to bottom of an organisation. We are able to produce bespoke and off the shelf products ranging from compliance to virtual simulation using Oculus Rift technology.

Sampson Hall’s capability means learning has become about more than just training and acquiring a specific set of skills or competencies. It has shifted to also include development of the employee as a highly effective long-term contributor to the success of the organisation. With a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the organisations values/culture, a better communication platform and buy in to the overall vision of the business.

We take a “video first, text second” approach to create engaging online learning content and we deliver this through a number of platforms such as mobile, tablets, desktops and virtual reality headsets.

All our e-learning software is SCORM compliant, it is the de facto industry standard that governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other.


Our Sampson Hall Academy HQ is a web based platform, this platform can be used to access courses directly or an organisation can have it’s own e-learning academy through which it’s employees can access training. Users take SCORM compliant courses, and Academy Admins can assign courses to staff, monitor, track and view training analytics/records/certificates. The Academy can be branded to suit the organisation.

Learning/Training App – An App portal for the Academy, the app hosts training records/certificates/licenses, Users can take or purchase courses online. Learning can be carried out away from the workplace, learning can be revisited again and again.

Immersive Learning – Virtual Reality and 3-D platforms for immersive learning, utilisation of Oculus Rift, scenario based learning. Thinking correctly under pressure/decision making scenarios.


Bespoke Course Content – high quality, engaging content for induction or bespoke courses, Newscasts, accredited courses using company branded certificates, industry/organisation specific skills or training requirements.

Ready Made Courses – Broad range of compliance courses – 100+ courses in areas such as health and safety, first aid, manual handling etc Industry specific skills, many accredited by National awarding bodies, high quality and engaging video content.

Company Promotional Videos – Promo videos, tv ads, animated characters and script, newscasts

These products reflect learners moving from a culture of deep attention (ability to concentrate on one object or information stream for long periods of time, ignoring outside stimulation) to hyper attention (switch focus between multiple information streams, a preference for high stimulation and lower tolerance for boredom). With 20% of today’s workers in “blue-collar” industry lacking basic literacy skills. Learners process pictures 60000 faster than text and remember things far better as images.

Cost savings and efficiency:

Alongside the fact that 95% of learners watching video retain the information 72 hours later. Only 10% of people who read the same information achieve the same retention. As we are now in the “age of YouTube”, where 51% of millennials prefer learning from video to text. This alongside the “Micro-learning trend” to absorb information in 3-7 minute chunks which matches the brain’s working memory and attention span.

Combined with Sampson Hall’s individual and organisation metrics such as The Gordian Model, i3 profile and Mental Toughness test we have the experience, expertise and ability to develop high performing organisations to greater productivity and profit using a range of learning mediums and experiences.

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