Cyber Security at home during Covid-19

One of the key measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 is social distancing, which for many organisations means encouraging –  or instructing – staff to work from home.

But moving at short notice from a trusted office environment to working remotely can create security risks. On top of this, nasty opportunist crooks are already using the coronavirus as subject matter for their phishing scams, hoping that the unwary will click through and hand over passwords or other data.

Awareness and preparation are both vital. These are our tips on how to stay safe online:

Things employers can do:

Covid-19 Phishing Attacks

It is important to step up awareness of digital security during this time as we have already seen an increase in phishing attacks. We recommend, as far as possible, to not mix work and leisure activities on the same device and be particularly careful with any emails referencing the coronavirus. Attackers are exploiting the situation, so look out for phishing emails and scams.

In the current situation, one should be suspicious of any e-mails asking to check or renew your credentials even if it seems to come from a trusted source. Please try to verify the authenticity of the request through other means, do not click on suspicious links or open any suspicious attachments.

Sampson Hall are available to discuss any of your security issues, whether that be related to GDPR and Cyber Security or organisational issues. We are delighted to have a conversation especially during these challenging times and help wherever we can.

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